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The Taplow China has been operational since 2002 with a highly reputable track record. Now our office locates in Shanghai and Beijing, China.


We are a China-based professional consulting firm focused on helping our clients increase human capital and improve human performance. We provide international level services in Leadership Consulting, Management Recruiting, Management Training and Development. Our clientele is inclusive of a wide range of multinational and local companies. 


Taplow China Team owns a group of excellent professionals experienced in executive search. We understand our clients’ needs and meet their expectations by delivering quality service, focusing on industries like Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Industrial Products, Automotive and Heavy Equipments.


In Leadership Consulting, Management Training & Development areas, we have a wide range of well-designed standard programs for middle-to-high level managers and high potential staff. Now Executive Coaching is our key business practice. We have a coaching team composed of highly experienced senior executives. We deliver coaching in the following aspects:

GM/Plant Manager coaching
Finance/Business Director coaching

HRD coaching
R&D/IT Director coaching
Executive mindset change coaching
Feedback coaching based on assessment
Middle level manager career coaching


Furthermore, we customize and integrate programs to address clients’ specific needs, and facilitate follow-up activities to sustain new learning and track program effectiveness.




Our team placed a Chief Representative China into an U.S. medical devices company specialized in manufacturing and marketing Orthopedics products in 2005.

We successfully sourced a CFO China for a Netherland founded injection molding and tooling manufacturer in 2010.

Taplow China search team helped an U.S. durable goods market leader established senior management team in 2014 to 2015.

Taplow China coaching team once executed a big coaching program with 6 coaches on 28 coachees, which launched in 2012.

Our leadership consulting team has been the sole vendor of a Shanghai founded biotechnical market leader in China since 2015, and continued our customized service for this client.

How The World’s Leading Synthetic Rubber Company Became Smarter, Healthier & Happier With The Taplow Group

It is the world’s leading synthetic rubber company, having a headquarter and 6 branches. The company has 600 staff in total. It is a world leader with 75% and 25% profits coming from commodity and advanced materials respectively.

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For further information, please contact Sheldon Zhou, China


How The Taplow Group Helped A World’s Leading Coffee Chain To Progress With Self-Awareness And Team Work

World’s leading Coffee Chain Brand has more than 30 retailing products. To name a few – rich quality of coffee beans, hand-made espresso, hot and cold coffee beverages, fresh and delicious pastry food, coffee machines of rich variety, coffee cup and much more.

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For further information, please contact Sheldon Zhou, China


How The Taplow Group Helped An International Leading Machinery And Energy Corporation Build An Effective Team

An Engineering Consulting Corporation, providing technology services such as conceptual designs and engines with new energy developments.

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For further information, please contact Sheldon Zhou, China


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